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All about IndianArtZone

Any Art from us will be a

Mesmerizing Masterpiece!!

It’s as apt as that…

We are Art lovers and want to share it with you, to do everything we can and beyond to make sure that you find your right piece of ART.

We want you to find something that will make you feel happy, nostalgic, make you think, inspire you…or will just make your room / office look great and cool.

IndianArtZone is a global marketplace for uniquely handpicked 100% original, hand-painted Canvas artworks and Home decor items.  We curate every piece of Art meticulously and as our tagline goes, every piece of Art will be a mesmerizing masterpiece and will add a Wow factor wherever it is displayed be it your home or your office wall.  With over 5000+ artworks in various genres, subjects and sizes, we constantly evolve in bringing the latest Art styles, Modern, Fine artworks that fits and blends to current trends.  As well, we provide Customized Art Works and you are free to choose the concept, colour theme and dimensions of any Art size that can best fit your walls. - we offer you more choices than any other online platform with our unique Show by Room template concept where you can visualize the selected Artwork to fit in different walls of your rooms.  We are headquarted in a beautiful town Coimbatore in India and ship all over India and to 100+ countries abroad.

    Inspired by our strong instinct belief, we strive to popularize contemporary Indian art in India and globally.  We have a strong network of 500+ associated artists that can probably make any kind of art with top quality and detailing, and ensure we meet varied demands of every customer. We proudly support lot of economically backward artist communities who have a great hand and art sense, but just lack opportunities to be visible in front of potential global customers.  All paintings on our store are 100 % hand painted and our artists and communities do not use any rogue techniques to make them - like canvas prints, canvas transfers, or painting on prints etc. - like our competitors do.  We offer 100 % guarantee that our products are hand-painted and of topmost quality.

                 Backed by decades of IT Business expertise, our vision is to give our customers a hassle-free, never before online Original ART selection user interface experience.  IndianArtZone was founded by Sahaya Denish out of pure passion for art, and a vision to provide art that everyone could afford and every wall could deserve.  Experts in Art consulting, Art advisory and Visual communicators mentor us.  Our core team comprises of passionate ART Lovers. 

           While some of our artists are well-established names, you will also find paintings by very talented upcoming artists. The Indian art space is incredibly vibrant and rich and we are excited to be showcasing works of gifted and talented artists.  All art pieces  are certified original works of art, sourced directly from the artist, and come with an Original Artist authentication certificate signed by the artist.  We aspire to create a seamless online shopping experience for you.  Our shopping policies (free shipping, easy returns) are designed to pay special attention to the concerns of our online shoppers and make buying from our website simple and safe.


               We Express Art

We work with hundreds of leading and budding artists to curate great ART collection and explore in all various styles of art — helping people across the globe find the right artwork, they will love. 

We challenge the status quo and handpick masterpieces …

We Curate Art

We are not a mass assembly-line art factory.  At Indianartzone, our work isn’t just “produced” like some soulless novelty. 

It is born of passion blended with creativity to give the world a beautiful piece of art and fill the gap between artist’s masterpiece and art lover.

We Evoke Art

Day in, Day out, 24x7 we find ourselves in an ecosystem run by art. For us it's never enough.  We always strive for creatively fresh output rendered with great quality…

Please contact us if you have any queries about the company or processes on the page form.

We would only be happy to answer them.

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