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Tips for Artists:

Tips to upload Images

  • * IndianArtZone is an image centric ecommerce platform. Ensure that you upload good quality images (preferably hi resolute images) as images of poor quality might affect the purchasing decision of the customer.
  • * IndianArtZone promotes genuine piece of Art and market 100% hand painted artworks. Please upload the paintings that are exclusively yours. By accepting the terms & conditions while uploading the images, you are bound to maintain the originality of the paintings. Your signature is the proof of authenticity. However, the signature of the artist be not dominative of the painting so as not to deteriorate the original piece of the artwork.
  • * Please do not upload copied or reproduced paintings of known or unknown artists, nude paintings or non-secular paintings, as it is a violation of the terms & conditions accepted by you on IndianArtZone. At any point in time, Violation of the terms & conditions will lead to block listing of your profile on IndianArtZone, which may also be liable for further legal action.
  • * At any point in time, if you have questions, please contact our friendly customer care at or call us at +91-95 85 75 99 33

Tips before you courier paintings to IndianArtZone office:

  • * Make sure, you use quality canvas cloth and ensure quality Acrylic / Oil paint mediums
  • * Once you are near finishing the painting, take photographs and WhatsApp or email the progress and before despatching
  • * Roll the canvas painting and put in a hard circular tube before couriering or handing over
  • * Pack the box with waterproof material & courier to the IndianArtZone office address
  • * Please avoid artwork that are been framed canvas / canvas boards as it is difficult to courier them to long distances and incur huge courier charges
  • * We prefer all the paintings in rolled canvas
  • * Ensure you use good quality packaging material as any damaged painting will not be accepted and returned back to you.