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IAZ Endorsed Artist:

Become an IAZ endorsed artist in four steps. This will enable you to focus on your paintings rather than thinking of how to market and sell them. IndianArtZone vouches and endorses the artists before the customers, which will strengthen their buying decision. Artworks listing is completely free of charge for the artists, over and above the price you fix or deserve (the base pricing is fixed by the artist); IndianArtZone applies a commission to market, sell and use the platform.

Here are the four simple steps to become an IAZ Endorsed Artist in IndianArtZone marketplace platform

  • Completed Artist profile with agreement
  • Vital documents verification by IAZ team
  • Upload more than 5 good quality paintings (with good resolution)
  • Semi-automated verification by IAZ back office team


  • Endorsed sign is an assurance to the customers on strong association with IndianArtZone
  • Good paintings with competitive pricing will yield to high chances of selling
  • Our platform is designed with strong social media enablement, thru which you may promote and share your works to your contacts
  • We have a separate Artists section where we have an algorithm for selecting Top 20 Artists based on the spelled criteria like Number of paintings sold, number of profile views, number of social media shares, total number of paintings uploading and internal ratings of the artist