Everyone loves to decorate his home in every possible manner. Various decorative accessories are available that can make your home appear beautiful and attractive. Paintings are an all time favorite to decorate homes. Paintings add a lot of charm to your interior designing. What can be more eye catching than wonderful wall paintings online. Due to being hung on eye level, paintings capture attention at once. You can go for numerous themes and styles . You can choose contemporary paintings, abstract paintings, Indian art paintings and many more. Themes of paintings also give you a great number of styles. You can opt for natural themed paintings, realist paintings, folk art paintings. Here are suggested some attractive paintings themes to decorate your home:

1. Stunning Abstract Painting


    SUNRISE 001

Abstract art painting is considered one of the most attractive styles of painting. Abstract art painting is also in fashion to decorate homes. You can choose stunning abstract art for your home. Abstract art paintings offer a variety of themes and styles. You can pick up the one that suits the interior designing of your home. Imaginative beauty of abstract art makes your walls trendy and beautiful. Themes can be opted according to the theme of interior designing. It can be natural, modern, traditional or a mixture of various themes.

“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people.” Edgar Degas

2. Fantastic Floral Art


Lotus Pond 895

Flowers add charm to natural scenes. Same is true about floral art. Floral art paintings give expression of freshness to the viewer. Floral art painting makes the whole interior eye-catching and soothing. Various types of flowers may give you satisfaction. From the 17th century till today floral art has been much appreciated. Especially when you choose floral art for decoration of your home, it really adds a great amount of aesthetic beauty to your home décor. Good thing about floral paintings is that you can hang these paintings in every room of your home. You may choose a fantastic abstract floral art for your guest room, oil floral painting for your living room, water-color floral paintings for the kitchen. All types of floral paintings will make your home décor eye-catching. 

3. Realistic Landscape Painting


Varanasi AD Series20

Natural scenes are something that adds enthusiastic beauty to your home décor. All of us love to stare at natural scenes, it gives a soothing feeling to us. Natural landscapes attract us so much. Realistic landscape paintings have been subject of great interest among artists as well as customers of paintings. Like floral art paintings, realistic landscape paintings can be hung anywhere in your home. Paintings from natural scenes include beautiful sea shores paintings, splendid mountains paintings, charming floral plains paintings and many more. Just hang a beautiful realistic landscape art in your living room and it will make the whole decor refreshing and attractive.

4. Classic Indian Painting


Nyika With Kanak

Indian paintings are numerous in style and themes, Classic Indian art consists mostly of folk-tales and religious tales. These paintings also consist of subjects from the Mughal era. Classical Indian art has a magical impact on home décor. It affects interior designing and the whole décor looks incredibly beautiful. Indian classical paintings are good enough to be hung anywhere in the home. Huge oil paintings are a good option to be hung in the living room. Strikingly attractive Indian classical art pieces are worthy enough to make your home décor classy and eye-catching.

5. Trendy African Art


 Classical african art

African art is so enchanting. It is so capturing that it can make your home décor delightful. If you want some painting that may capture attention due to its distinctiveness, African art painting is the best choice for you. African art is rich in aesthetics. Most of the paintings are representative of contemporary issues. African paintings express African culture in an attractive way. African art paintings can be placed in hallways, bedrooms, living-rooms according to the theme of home décor. African paintings are good to give your home trendy as well as classy look.

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