No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to release your inner creative artist. With art becoming increasingly popular, anyone can find all the tools and equipment they need to quickly turn into a master. But with the amount of Art Supplies Ireland available online and in stores, where should you start? And what should you buy?

Beyond the basics, buying art supplies really comes down to personal preferences because each budding / aspiring artist has his or her own unique style and will inculcate certain genres and favors certain techniques.  Follow this comprehensive guide to buying art supplies and craft materials to start your art journey. 

What Medium Should I Start With?

As an aspiring artist you should always start with the basics. Delving deep into expert art supplies and tools, won’t help you set down the right kind of foundation you’ll need to improve.

Beginners should start with a basic kit that includes drawing tools like pencils, sharpeners, sketchbooks, and erasers as well as a few other basics like acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases.

Online art supply stores will have ready-made kits available for beginners who would like to experiment with different mediums. Get your hands dirty and purchase a few fun (and affordable) additional tools like ink pens, paper cutters, charcoal, and pastel crayons. This will give you the freedom to try out a few different mediums before deciding on which medium you’d like to fully pursue.

If you’re a beginner artist and want to know what supplies to buy for your first kit, check out this video for some tips: Once you’ve decided on the specific medium you’d like to pursue, you can start buying more advanced materials.

Art-making tools

Here is a list of materials you can consider purchasing online for your chosen medium:

Acrylic Painting

Most of the world’s famous paintings have been painted with acrylic. Acrylic paint is a popular medium to use because it dries quickly. This means that the paint can be thickly applied to create different textures. It’s also much more affordable than oil paint.  

To fill up your artsy supply box to be able to improve your acrylic skills you should purchase:

-       Acrylic paints: start with buying prime colors -red, blue, and yellow, as well as white and black

-       Paintbrushes: round and flat brushes in a variety of different sizes ranging from 2-16 with soft to hard bristles

-       Canvases

-       Prime, Prep, and Finishing Materials: Gesso, gloss mediums, matte mediums, glazing mediums, and a varnish to finish

Additional Tools: not necessary for beginners but excellent if you want to start experimenting is a variety of palette knives or paint shapers

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paintings have increased in popularity because artists can use it to create anything from abstract to realistic art.

Purchase the following supplies for watercolor painting:

-       Watercolor paints: usually found in an already assembled palette

-       Paper: watercolor painting requires specific paper. Using watercolor paints on regular paper won’t have the same effect

-       Paintbrushes: a range from very small to large sizes with soft bristles

-       Additional Tools: accessories like cotton swabs, sponges, and masking fluids

Drawing and Illustration

If the digital art trend hasn’t caught you yet, you can stick with the traditional way of drawing and illustrating in a sketchbook. Art supplies available for illustrations are endless and can be used to create the most marvelous textures and sceneries.

Here are our suggestions for tools you can add into your drawing and illustration art box:

-       Colored Pencils: if you want to take your drawing seriously, you should invest in a high-quality soft pencil that is pigmented and easy to blend

-       Markers: resembling the old koki pens, markers have transformed the way we color in. Just like pencils, they can be used to blend and color drawings with ease

-       Easels: read this guide to learn more about different types of easels and how you should use them


You’ll soon find out that art materials aren’t the cheapest to purchase. Especially high-end materials can be quite pricey. If you are still a beginner, you shouldn’t buy materials that cost you too much. While you are experimenting, it will be wise to invest in entry-level tools. This will prevent a drawer filled with expensive art stuff that you will never use again.

Get familiar with all the tools available and you’ll be able to add fun materials to your collection.