There is no denying the fact that without these humble words and images seamlessly crafted onto metal frames and boards that we would be lost in the world. They do so much more than simply stand tall and proud where they have been positioned but offer us a wealth of information and all without saying a word (as it were).

We use them without even thinking about it, look at them but not knowing we are essentially registering what is being shown to use, processing it, and following the instructions thereof on a subconscious level. Who knew what power a simple metal plaque could give to us?

Everyday life.

As we go to work, or even simply going grocery shopping we are surrounded by fireworks of signage, they are on every street, every building face or side, and I often stop and ponder what the world would look like if there were no signs?

Would it all be black and white, people aimlessly wandering up and down the pathways in search of the venue they were supposed to meet friends at half an hour ago? Or would it be calm and serene without the constant bombardment of brand awareness or advertising?

A thought to ponder on over a hot cup of tea perhaps. You could also take a minute to read a similar thought process here of a woman sipping tea and thinking about the world as we know it.

What are they?

The invention or creation of ‘the sign’ is essentially to communicate a message, it indicates what is happening at a specific time or place. It is also a clever advertising trait of brands to ‘assist’ in a decision-making process, enticing the person to the product or item in such a way that is more appealing than the next.

We follow signs that could be the size of billboards, window displays, or even small menu boards hung up outside cafes and bars advertising what is in store.

The use of signs dates back many years, evidence of Romans and Greeks both using symbols and images to categorize or separate different groups and beliefs, and this practice has evolved extensively and more technically advanced than we could ever have imagined.

A brief look at the history of signage can be found if you click here and makes for a very interesting lunch break read, also it shows how vast the practice has spanned across the globe, varying between cultures and transforming itself into various and wondrous creations. The only limitations being that of minds and creativity.

Do we need them?

If you are a business owner or even an entrepreneur then you will all too well the importance of proper and effective signage and advertising, essentially signs are used in all aspects and job sectors and thus an integral part of life.

We use signs as a remembrance tool as well, perhaps you worked many years for a great company, and after retiring you were given a logo plaque that not only showed thanks for your dedication and hard service but gave you a small token to always look back on those good times and memories made.  This is a great use of a sign in that there is always a way to remember the hard work you put in, and the reaped reward at the end of the day.  And what is even better is that when they are made of quality and metal, the longevity factor is significantly increased. Metal erodes when subjected to the elements, but if neatly hung in a home or office it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Art form

I was lucky enough to grow up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and around the corner from the apartment was a dedicated workshop warehouse essentially where home-makers and small business people could trade and specialize their skills and crafts, and then sell the products.

We would walk for hours around the stalls watching glass blowing, painting, or sculpting, but my brother would always bubble with excitement when we neared the metalworkers. He loved the sparks that looked like a fireworks display each time the plate would touch the grinder, the sound of whirring metal on metal caressing and molding what would soon be a masterpiece.

There is something magical about the finesse of such a hard and rugged material.

A display piece.

All that being said, you find yourself in a similar situation. You have employees who have dedicated decades of their life to your cause and have come to the age of hanging up their gloves and letting the next generation step in, what we know to be big shoes.

It is your turn to give a gift that they will admire, be ever-grateful for, and that can be a reminder of the years you built your friendship on. The only daunting decision is finding the right company for the job, who will make the vision you have become a reality.

There are a few features to consider when searching for the right company, let’s take a look at a few.


3 traits to ensure quality made sign.

  • Experience. A firm that has been in business for several years will have tweaked and defined their signature style, this goes hand in hand with being able to execute most requests and ideally the choice of most people.

For your unique version of what you envision take a look at Industrial metal wall art for a browse at the available options as well as professional advice and guidance from industry veterans.

  • Cost. You want to gift them something nice without having to break the bank, shop around if you feel you’re being over-charged.
  • Quality. The most important aspect, if possible try to visit the showroom and have a look around. This gives a good indication of their products and if it’s what you’re looking for.


The main objective of a well-made sign or signage is the ability to convey the message, is it saying what you want it to? If yes, then quality and function become a win-win situation.