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Portrait Paintings

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  1. classical dance
    classical dance
    18 * 24 inches
  2. The Butterfly Lady
    The Butterfly Lady
    15*15 inches
  3. The sandhvis
    The sandhvis
    24*18 inches
  4. Here comes the spring
    Here comes the spring
    40*30 inches
  5. Waghya Muruli 13
    Waghya Muruli 13
    33*36 inches
  6. Mother and Child 8
    Mother and Child 8
    33*45 inches
  7. Waghya Muruli 9
    Waghya Muruli 9
    36*40 inches
  8. Waghya Muruli 7
    Waghya Muruli 7
    30*36 inches
  9. Rhythm 3
    Rhythm 3
    36*48 inches
  10. Eternal Love 24
    Eternal Love 24
    44*34 inches
  11. scribble girl 4
    scribble girl 4
    30*42 inches
    15*44 inches
    15*44 inches
  14. Rhythmic 13 To Adorn
    Rhythmic 13 To Adorn
    18*18 inches
  15. Rhythmic beauty 2
    Rhythmic beauty 2
    24*18 inches
  16. Innocence 2
    Innocence 2
    22*15 inches
  17. Relaxing time 1
    Relaxing time 1
    17*17 inches
  18. Music Love
    Music Love
    30*20 inches
  19. Night life 005
    Night life 005
    18 * 24 inches
  20. Women and nature 1
    Women and nature 1
    15*15 inches
  21. Thinking of You
    Thinking of You
    36*24 inches
  22. Queen Of Melody
    Queen Of Melody
    27*35 inches
  23. Melody 001
    Melody 001
    36*36 inches
  24. Feeling of love 4
    Feeling of love 4
    16*20 inches
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Stunning Portrait Painting

  • Portraiture is an ancient kind of art form and the most favorite genre in art. What makes it so magical is its ability to depict the physical and the psychological expression of a figure. But in recent days, one of the most significant influences of the conceptual art movement on contemporary art, in general, is the critique towards pure representation. In modern art forms, portraits are much more than pure representation. Portrait Artists have managed to adapt their genre to the demands of contemporary art. The contemporary style of a portrait painting is creative, popular, and people love it. Portrait painting has changed its forms, it’s a bit different from what it once used to be, and it receives influences from various art movements like abstract art, modern art, pop art. New artists producing beautiful portraits are emerging Contemporary Portrait paintings, and they ensure the vital status of portraiture in contemporary art. IndianArtZone offers a spectacular collection of gorgeous figurative paintings, Indian women painting, love painting, couple painting, African paintings in varying styles. Soft colors, poetry in the eyes, melancholy moods, or dauntless expressions: which would you like to have? There are plenty to select from our collections.
  • Indian Women Paintings

    • The portrait paintings of Indian women that IndianArtZone offers narrate a story of their own. With the deft shades and lights of the color palette, the artist brings a figure of beauty and character to life. Lady painting showcases the woman and the feminine at various points of life and the essence of that moment. Some of the subjects usually been chosen as Women busy in the rural fields, women thinking deep in their philosophy, and actively playing their chosen roles. Whether depicting them in love or at peace with solitude, Indian Women Paintings can impact and inspire your spirit.
  • Classic African Paintings

    • The intrinsic vitality of the African culture is fleshed out in classic African Paintings. Rich colors, contemporary styles, and the flavors and aspects of the people make these paintings thrive with life and adds contrast to your walls. Our collection at IndianArtZone will help you pick your favorite classic African abstract, contemporary, and portrait paintings. Spread the blessed spirit of this enriching culture through your wall art!
  • Love Paintings - Couple paintings for bedroom

    • Wouldn't a painting on love increase the warmth and comfort of your bedroom? For we often find our solace after a long, tiring day, in the arms of a beloved. IndianArtZone brings to your intimacy, poetry, and romance in wall arts with our exceptional love paintings and couple paintings. Soft embraces under cherry blossoms or a quiet bonfire under a starlit sky: what is your ideal picturesque romance? We have a whole gamut of paintings to choose from in our hand-picked collections.
  • Hyper Realistic Paintings

    • Hyperrealism is a technique that creates vivid, realistic paintings which resemble high-resolution photographs. Hyper-realistic paintings are incredibly lifelike and fascinated by the natural world. In interior design, they act as central solid points in the room and demand attention to their artistic brilliance. Get your exquisite hyper-realistic portrait painting from IndianArtZone to bring that quality impact to your decor.
  • Buy Figurative Painting Online on IndianArtZone

    • Would you like the Renaissance elegance or the great flourish of an African portrait painting? Or perhaps your modern, hi-tech decor needs a hyper-realistic portrait painting for maximum influence. Here, in IndianArtZone, we offer a flowing range of diversity in portrait paintings online. All you have to do is plan out, define your theme, browse through our collection, and get your favorite pick at a pocket-friendly price!
  • Portrait Paintings - FAQs

  • 1.What Are The Best Wall Paintings for My Bedroom?

    • You can opt for hanging a painting with love, romantic couple, or scenery theme in your bedroom. Having a portrait of a love painting in the bedroom generally ignites a flavor of romance in your life.
  • 2. Where can I find the Contemporary style portrait painting?

    • IndianArtZone is the best place to buy Portrait paintings in contemporary art form. Find your favorite canvas portrait painting from the best figurative Paintings available with the IndianArtZone Online store at an Affordable Price.
  • 3. Which is better - acrylic or portrait oil painting?

    • Oil paints have much slower drying times than acrylic painting. When it comes to portrait painting, you'll have more flexibility and minor details with oil paints since it takes longer drying times, and the details of the painting can produce sharp & stunning output. The strokes with acrylic paints give beauty in the texture, and the paint quickly dries once applied. You can be decisive with the nature of painting and can opt accordingly. Given an option for Portraits, it's good to go with portrait oil painting.
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