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Geometric Paintings

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  • Geometric Modern Art

    • The geometric technique of art refers to styles of abstract art. In this form of art, geometric shapes as spheres, circles, squares, etc., are used to make an art piece. As abstract painting is considered as ‘intellectual art,’ geometric form of art also needs a lot of intellect to join various geometric shapes in the possible proportions to make a masterpiece.
    • Contemporary art is also a form of abstract art where the term “contemporary” defines artworks being created in present days. So any conceptual paintings being made in the current present moment are contemporary art paintings in abstract style. Contemporary artists continue to use a varied vocabulary of abstract and figurative forms to convey their ideas conceptually.

    Background of Geometric Abstract Paintings

    • Cubism provided a base for geometric art. Pablo Picasso and George Braque first initiated cubism. Initially, they introduced paintings on canvas in little fragmentations formations, which were in cubes shapes. These cube-like sketched paintings paved the way for Geometric abstract painting. Synthetic cubism brought collage which gave a more comfortable environment to grow geometric abstract art.
    • Geometric abstract artists believed that versatile life perspectives could be shown as a single piece of art by dividing them into tiny parts using geometric shapes. They also conveyed the belief that life is multi-dimensional. Geometric abstract painters use unique techniques to make art paintings more amazing. The simplicity of the surface captures attention at once.

    Geometric Wall Art for Home

    • Art lovers like the best art pieces to be hanged on their walls. Many art lovers are fond of collecting creative geometric paintings. An online art gallery is beneficial for art lovers. If you intend to buy a trendy painting for home decor, explore the wide variety of geometric art available online.

    Geometric painting - FAQs

    • What is geometric art painting?

    • Geometric abstraction is present among many cultures throughout history, both as decorative art and as art pieces themselves. In its prohibition of expressing religious figures, Islamic art, the prime birth of this geometric pattern-based art, started centuries before the movement in Europe and has inspired the then western schools and artists. Often in the architecture of Islamic civilizations, geometric abstraction is used to visually connect spirituality with science and art.
    • Where to buy the best geometric abstract paintings?

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