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Landscape Paintings

The art of expressing our environment is still one that excites artists across all mediums. Whether you love trees and the forest or prefer the busy streets of a city,  there are specific perspectives of landscape painting that are similar no matter the locality of the concept.  A nicely curated landscape painting will add a wow factor to any wall.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Sunset Painting 12
    Sunset Painting 12
    20*30 inches
  2. Sunset Painting 11
    Sunset Painting 11
    24*36 inches
  3. Victoria
    18*18 inches
    24*24 inches
  5.  Jungle mei Mangal
    Jungle mei Mangal
    24*36 inches
  6. Sunset painting
    Sunset painting
    24*40 inches
  7. kolkata 6
    kolkata 6
    22*27 inches
  8. Auguest Abode
    Auguest Abode
    24*24 inches
  9. Crashing Sea waves at Sunset
    Crashing Sea waves at Sunset
    19*15 inches
  10. Beauty of Nature 2
    Beauty of Nature 2
    36*36 inches
  11. Rainy day 24
    Rainy day 24
    30*30 inches
  12. Heritage kolkata
    Heritage kolkata
    30*40 inches
  13. Scotland 2
    Scotland 2
    17*14 inches
  14. Sunrise Painting 1
    Sunrise Painting 1
    24*18 inches
  15. Walking toward sunshine
    Walking toward sunshine
    26*36 inches
  16. landscape 995
    landscape 995
    48*48 inches
  17. Sunset Painting 10
    Sunset Painting 10
    36*36 inches
  18. Sunset Painting 9
    Sunset Painting 9
    24*36 inches
  19. Sunrise Painting 6
    Sunrise Painting 6
    24*24 inches
  20. Sunrise Painting 4
    Sunrise Painting 4
    30*20 inches
  21. Sunrise Painting 2
    Sunrise Painting 2
    24*18 inches
  22. Autumn ride 2
    Autumn ride 2
    30*30 inches
    36*36 inches
  24. heritage kolkata 2
    heritage kolkata 2
    36*36 inches
  25. heritage kolkata 1
    heritage kolkata 1
    30*40 inches
  26. Sunrise Painting 5
    Sunrise Painting 5
    30*20 inches
  27. Sunrise Painting 3
    Sunrise Painting 3
    18*18 inches
  28. Sunset at Sea
    Sunset at Sea
    24*18 inches
  29. Sunset Time
    Sunset Time
    20*20 inches
  30. Emerald Green Sea Waves at Sunset
    Emerald Green Sea Waves at Sunset
    19*15 inches
  31. Sunset 1
    Sunset 1
    36*24 inches
Set Descending Direction

Landscape Canvas Painting

  • Landscape art is as old as any civilization as humans started with Nature art painting to unleash their profound creative sensibilities. Nature has always been a mystic force, and various attributes of nature symbolize the key components that we all need in our lives for utmost serenity. This medium is why creativity and art have become one of the most preferred ways to attain placidity. But why is creativity mostly associated with nature and its beauty? The reason is that nature fascinates its audience with the complete freedom of individual perspectives. For example, One could see a mountain as a lonely entity, while you could see it as a majestic being that gives life to several rivers. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons why artists surrender themselves at the feet of nature for inspiration. The beautiful landscape paintings of IndianArtZone serve as wonderful escapades to your ideal location. Hopeful skies, gorgeous greens, and the motley colors of twilight: all here to enhance the atmosphere of your room and uplift the mood. Whether you want the welcoming expanse of the sea or the lovely peace of mountains, these landscape canvas paintings soothe your soul.
  • Scenery Painting

    • At the onset, Beautiful Nature paintings bring the inherent vitality of nature to your rooms. The Scenery paintings available on IndianArtZone impart a calming essence into your interior decor. Plan out a cohesive theme, and you will mold the pure beauty of nature art paintings for your space. Soft tones and earthly textures go well with landscape art. It's no wonder. Therefore, nature paintings on canvas are versatile, extraordinary, and the best choice for the wandering soul.
  • Seascape painting

    • Seascape paintings are part of marine art and come in a diverse range of styles. Would you like the gentle reds and yellows of the setting sun by the beach? Or does your stormy mind find solace in the waves of the storm in a night? Some prefer the distant rocks that stand unaltered as the sea lashes at them mercilessly. While others like the magical stillness with the simple boat floating in the middle of the ocean. Pick the seascape scenery art painting that harmonizes best with your spirit and your decor from the original collection of IndianArtZone.
  • Flower painting

    • Flower paintings help to provide a burst of brilliance in your room. You can experiment a lot with those bright colors and deft strokes. A variety of such paintings are widely available on IndianArtZone. Consider the color palette of your interior decor. Now, pick a gorgeous floral art that helps accentuate the colors through contrast and combination. Your cheerful space is ready to make you merry!
  • Cityscape painting

    • The hustle of feet, the muffled music from bars, the dim windows of quaint apartments, and the bright neons of signposts. All the feels of city life are embodied in the enthralling cityscape and building paintings available on IndianArtZone. Be it a bright day by the café or the lonely, reclusive shops on a rainy night, rejuvenate the artistic visuals of your room with these modern landscape paintings of towns and cities.
  • Beach Painting - Nature Painting

    • The calming expanse of the seashore brings hope to your room through the beach paintings. Beaches exude the spirit of the holiday and keep the atmosphere uplifting. Of course, it's a wondrous aesthetic with the red sun dipping below the horizon and its colors reflected upon the waters. Therefore, sunset paintings and landscape paintings that focus on exquisite beach views are also available on IndianArtZone.
  • Buy Landscape Painting Online on IndianArtZone

    • Lush mountains, purple skies of the evening, quiet villages by the woods, sun-kissed boats by the seashore. All the gorgeous views of your imagination come to life in the beautiful landscape, sunset painting, and nature paintings that IndianArtZone has to offer. Pick your favorite piece of artwork from our diverse range. And give your room an aura of exploration and the amazement of distant wonders!
  • Landscape Painting - FAQs

  • What is Landscape Painting?

    Landscape painting/art refers to an artistic genre that focuses on natural scenery as subject matter. In Landscape paintings, watercolor has no boundaries and can be any natural locale such as mountains, forests, rivers, and beaches. It is always known for its wide view of the scene. The prime reason artists choose landscape as their genre is to express and replicate some of the beautiful nature. The Watercolor Landscape painting with various aesthetic elements, like light, color, and texture, will also depict nature to tell a story, illustrate an idea, or conceptualize a metaphor.

    What is the evolution of landscape painting?

    Until the early/mid-sixteenth century, landscape painting was predominantly included in pictures to depict human activities. The painting will have a religious or a historical message, for which it uses sceneries/landscapes as background.

    What Are the Three Types of Landscape Art?

    What is abstract landscape painting?

    Abstract landscape focuses less on the surrounding environment of the landscape and more on expressing the main subject of the image. In an abstract landscape painting, the landscape might be the background, and in the foreground may focus on the main component.

    What is Contemporary Landscape Painting?

    Contemporary landscape painting isn't the same as modern landscaping, as the contemporary design goes for a natural look with wood accents.