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Trendy Abstract Paintings

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  1. mystery world 3
    mystery world 3
    16*11 inches
  2. Abstract Rhythm 7
    Abstract Rhythm 7
    20*30 inches
  3. Trendy Abstract 72
    Trendy Abstract 72
    12*9 inches
  4. Trendy Abstract 67
    Trendy Abstract 67
    12*9 inches
  5. Dreams 0999
    Dreams 0999
    36*30 inches
  6. Miracles 6
    Miracles 6
    45*36 inches
  7. Colourful map
    Colourful map
    15*22 inches
  8. The Light Within
    The Light Within
    30*24 inches
  9. Jubliant blue city
    Jubliant blue city
    27*25 inches
  10. Enriched flowers Painting
    Enriched flowers Painting
    28*18 inches
    42*36 inches
  12. Mountain Range 008
    Mountain Range 008
    36*60 inches
  13. An evening
    An evening
    18*14 inches
  14. Mysterious land 2
    Mysterious land 2
    24*36 inches
  15. Fluid Abstract
    Fluid Abstract
    18*14 inches
  16. trendy abstract B 17
    trendy abstract B 17
    36*48 inches
  17. trendy abstract B 12
    trendy abstract B 12
    30*48 inches
    30*18 inches
  19. Horizons 18
    Horizons 18
    18 * 24 inches
  20. Horizons 17
    Horizons 17
    27*20 inches
  21. Horizons 6
    Horizons 6
    35*20 inches
  22. Abstract Vibrant Colors 15
    Abstract Vibrant Colors 15
    20*30 inches
  23. Trendy Abstract 71
    Trendy Abstract 71
    15*22 inches
  24. Trendy Abstract 69
    Trendy Abstract 69
    12*9 inches
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  • Modern Abstract Art

    • Have you ever witnessed a painting and taken aback by its visual power and yet absolutely bewildered by its meaning? Is it even something awestruck to be explained? If questions like these have ever crisscrossed your mind while viewing a work, you’re right before an abstract painting.

    Style Your Traditional Desi Home with Modern Abstract Art

    • Decorative Opposite creates a contrast in your house that looks intricately beautiful. There are classic details in the modern trendy abstract paintings, which look stunning in any traditional room you hang. For placing a great opposite abstract painting, keep the modern piece of abstract art painting with an old-fashioned frame. It will deliver a meaning that homeowners have great taste in the art. These are some of the top styles of modern trendy abstract paintings suitable for traditional space available online. Try to use them artistically and stylishly, which will enhance the beauty, subtlety, and sophistication of your house’s interior decor to a greater extent.

    Explore Modern Art Abstract Painting Online

    • Abstract art does not always have to be noticeable. Let the abstract art wall painting get incorporated into the room subtly. It will enhance the beauty of a room and blend beautifully. For choosing an abstract wall painting for living room, you should choose an abstract painting that matches the paint color of your walls. Or you can also select the abstract artwork that blends well with the bedding or sofa upholstery. It will give a contemporary feel to your space if you choose a trendy abstract painting or a modern art painting. IndianArtZone is the Best Online Store to buy contemporary paintings, modern paintings online at affordable prices.

    Abstract Painting - FAQs

    • What is abstract art?

    • Abstract art is a perfect visualization of color and form, and it is an artwork distinct from references to the real-time world. Most of the abstract art is tied to logical happenings and portrays reality as enjoyed by the audience.
    • What are the six basic types of abstract art?

    • i) Curvilinear
    • ii) Colour-Related or Light-Related
    • iii) Geometric
    • iv) Emotional or Intuitional
    • v) Gestural
    • vi) Minimalist
    • How is abstract art in the 21st century?

    • The 21st century witnessed a strong rise of different art, especially trendy abstract paintings, as the world brought new and exciting opportunities. It took different shapes depending on time; as we are in the fast-changing world, stylish abstract art is set to evolve further. Artists always portray the outcome and happenings of the present society. In the near future, we are expecting abstract painting to grow creatively and develop substantially.
    • What is the core behind modern abstract art?

    • The basic idea of abstract art - incidentally, the core qualities of a painting (or art) are just as important as its representation qualities. Non-naturalistic images (circles, squares, triangles and so on) possess a still, unchanging look. By this stance, a painting is normally admired by the onlooker for its correlating shapes and blending colours. It doesn't need to portray a natural landscape ( beautiful landscape paintings ) or object.
    • What are the Characteristics of Abstract Art?

    • One of the core ideologies of abstract art is that imagery is non-representational. The non-representation form can be either or complete. Abstract painting on canvas is just a spectrum of creativity.
    • The artists have explored and expressed a wide range of abstract painting ideas, and this is due to the large number of abstract movements that have evolved over the past. To understand the characteristics of abstract art, we need to look at specific activities and styles in the past.
    • How can abstract painting for home decor be used?

    • Looking to enhance and decorate your personal living space? Abstract art is your solution! Picking the right abstract painting with your home wall color and design will emotionally connect you and your guests or visitors. Abstract painting makes your living space colorful, and you can also use these pieces to enhance other materials and textural elements in the room.
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