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  1. Thrumming Shores 3
    Thrumming Shores 3
    12*12 inches
  2. Thrumming Shores 2
    Thrumming Shores 2
    12*12 inches
  3. Thrumming Shores 1
    Thrumming Shores 1
    12*12 inches
  4. Blue Tram in city of Joy
    Blue Tram in city of Joy
    20*16 inches
  5. Jubliant blue city
    Jubliant blue city
    27*25 inches
  6. Colorful City of Joy
    Colorful City of Joy
    23*21 inches
  7. Floral beauty - Abstract Artwork
  8. Where are you Adam?
    Where are you Adam?
    43*31 inches
  9. New Life Scenery painting
    New Life Scenery painting
    20*20 inches
  10. Enriched flowers Painting
    Enriched flowers Painting
    28*18 inches
  11. Desire to cruise
    Desire to cruise
    20*20 inches
  12. A fiery Horse
    A fiery Horse
    30*30 inches
  13. contemporary Nature painting
    contemporary Nature painting
    18 * 24 inches
  14. Life in Light
    Life in Light
    18*28 inches
  15. Two Fold
    Two Fold
    24*18 inches
  16. Force
    43*43 inches
  17. affair 13
    affair 13
    36*36 inches
  18. affair 12
    affair 12
    36*36 inches
  19. Abstract gold black and bronze splash
  20. Abstract- Enlive
    Abstract- Enlive
    12*16 inches
  21. mood 2
    mood 2
    12*12 inches
  22. mood 1
    mood 1
    18 * 24 inches
  23. Blend Collage 3
    Blend Collage 3
    36*48 inches
  24. Blend Collage 2
    Blend Collage 2
    24*24 inches
  25. Blend Collage 1
    Blend Collage 1
    36*48 inches
  26. Abstract - Denim
    Abstract - Denim
    12*16 inches
  27. Abstract Intensely Blue
    Abstract Intensely Blue
    12*12 inches
  28. Symbiotic 2
    Symbiotic 2
    36*40 inches
  29. Journey NA 4
    Journey NA 4
    30*40 inches
  30. Invisible Bond 12
    Invisible Bond 12
    30*30 inches
  31. In Search of Light 1
    In Search of Light 1
    36*36 inches
  32. Nirvana 12
    Nirvana 12
    9*9 inches
  33. pop fluid 3
    pop fluid 3
    9*12 inches
  34. pop fluid 2
    pop fluid 2
    14*14 inches
  35. pop fluid 1
    pop fluid 1
    24*18 inches
  36. Exquisite Floral Art 16
    Exquisite Floral Art 16
    24*18 inches
  37. Exquisite Floral Art 14
    Exquisite Floral Art 14
    30*20 inches
  38. Exquisite Floral Art 12
    Exquisite Floral Art 12
    20*30 inches
  39. Exquisite Floral Art 11
    Exquisite Floral Art 11
    24*18 inches
  40. Strikin6 Abstract Art 1
    Strikin6 Abstract Art 1
    18 * 24 inches
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Your Guide to Understand Abstract Canvas painting

  • Abstraction allows the artist to visualize with his mind what he cannot see physically with their eyes. The expansion of Abstract Art has contributed to its innate capacity to inspire the curious minds of viewers, ultimately expanding the horizons of their insights. It is the potential of the artist to use their imagination to look beyond what we can physically see and translate intangible emotions onto the canvas painting. The first step towards approaching Abstract Art comes with open-mindedness, as the beauty of abstract art cannot always be deciphered completely. When you are open-minded, you tend to defy all rules of reality, and the artwork becomes what you want it to be. However, as a viewer, it is essential to understand why Abstract artists create this form of painting in the first place. Among many reasons, most artists see this as an outlet to express themselves or reflect certain emotions, places, people, experiences, and much more away from the physical world. It is necessary to notice the conscious compositions, meaningful colors, colors, and deliberate layers and textures employed by artists to translate emotions and expressions effectively.
  • Geometric painting

    • Geometric paintings make deft use of straight lines and basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. They pose as an attractive focus for your interior space, which draws the viewer's eye. Get your friends and family awed by the sheer eccentricity! From IndianArtZone, you get to explore unique designs and patterns if you install these modern art paintings for your living room.
  • Modern Art

    • Do you live in a modern tract home with large, impossible walls to fill? Are you having trouble deciding what size or type of wall art painting to choose? The interior design of any room can be pulled together enormously with a single piece of striking modern Indian painting. We can find shining examples of this theory in this collection of interior designs that feature large and colorful works of modern art painting on the right wall.
  • Contemporary painting

    • People willing to start purchasing and living with artwork usually know their taste. Are you a creative person who likes to see the aesthetically compelling rooms, some of them with an edge, some of them a bit more traditional, most of them with color but all of them with some form of contemporary art? Contemporary painting is the art of our times and the art form that reflects who we are individually and as a society. It engages the eye and the mind and can open doors to get involved with creative thoughts. It will be exciting to live with such an engaging and interesting art form of expression and the opportunity to explore your thought process.
  • What is the Difference Between Modern Art and Contemporary Painting?

    • The terms "Modern art" And "Contemporary Art" are often used interchangeably. However, there are major differences between the two regarding the period of advent, techniques used, and social background. Modern paintings came before the rise of contemporary art. While the former includes movements like Impressionism and Expressionism, the latter consists of Pop Arts and Visual Installations. In IndianArtZone, you will get to pick your choice from a varied collection of both.
  • How to Choose Right Abstract Painting for your Home

    • Abstract artworks express various moods to visitors in a room. Modern abstract wall painting may be a perfect option when an area demands oversize and colorful wall hanging art. The color of Abstract Acrylic painting and front room interior décor should match, which can create a gorgeous synergy in your house. It also creates a tremendous flow in your home. Colorful abstractions are one of the foremost beautiful choices to make. You can stack two abstract wall arts horizontally or vertically in your house. You may display art near furniture. Both of the abstract paintings will intentionally enhance the beauty of the furniture piece by contrasting it with the sofa. Abstract art doesn't always need to be noticeable. Let the Modern abstract painting get incorporated into space subtly. It'll enhance the aesthetic of an area beautifully. For selecting a complementary abstract painting online, you ought to choose an abstract painting that matches the paint color of your walls. A living room with a piece of modern Abstract art looks a lot more appealing. Let a large wall painting for the living room be the centerpiece of your room, and watch its charm unfold.
  • Abstract Painting for Office Space

    • Office Paintings, directly and indirectly, influence the workplace atmosphere. An oversized abstract art would be great for your office interiors. The main specialty of abstract painting is that you perceive things differently each time you look into them. Thus, you get a lot of concepts and perceptions from a single artwork. Geometric painting and other conceptual artworks are more suitable for common spaces in an office environment. Creative abstract canvas painting at your workplace will never go out of style. It’s up to the office to select the perfect wall painting that can suit your corporate environment. Just remember, making the right choice can boost an employee’s performance and unlocks creativity in high spirit.
  • Buy Abstract Painting Online on IndianArtZone

    • Abstract Paintings are versatile. They can be bold; they can be gentle. They can be vibrant; they can be somber. In IndianArtZone, you get to select your favorite piece from a vast collection of unique and attractive works. We offer you splendid results which are 100 percent original and hand-painted on canvas. Browse online at our website for the art that would best define you and get it at an affordable price!
  • Abstract Painting - FAQs


    What is an abstract painting?

    Abstract artworks are more conceptual, and it is completely different from the classic art. In abstract wall art, it is not simply a process of creating landscapes or objects; it is a process of exploration. In abstract art, artists put different colors and shapes together to create a piece that represents each particular admirer.

    Creating a composition that may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world using the visual language of shape, form, color, and line.

    What is the origin of abstract art?

    During the First and Second World Wars, it was difficult for the artists to express the human sufferings experienced during the crisis like war and economic instability. Because of that, they had a feeling that they had to discover a diverse range of new voices that communicated emotion, memory, inner strength, and spiritual beliefs.

    Modern Abstract Art represents an artistic break from traditional art molds, which was the main feature. Artists began to create simplified objections with little or no reference to the “real” world.

    Why are modern abstract paintings a little expensive?

    The high price is the appreciation for the creativity that the artist attempts to display. The artist’s ability to depict his/her creativity using their innermost feelings and emotions is the key reason for celebrating abstract painting for years.

    How to understand modern abstract art?

    Just enjoy yourself and allow the best wall paintings to take you in my painting. Just see through the core emotions, personal memories, sensations, and more which the painting induces you. Explore the blend of colors, forms, materials, surface, and interaction to develop a unique masterpiece to depict the art genre.

    Where can I buy a modern abstract painting online? is the best choice when it comes to abstract painting. With 1000+ unique collections from artists across the globe in categories like geometric paintings, modern art paintings, Contemporary art paintings, trending abstract paintings, and more. Explore now.

    What is a good abstract painting on canvas?

    A good abstract painting has layers like underpainting with textures. However, a good abstract painting depicts a clear meaning behind it. It should induce you with an emotion (positive/negative) along with memories.

    Why do abstract wall art ideas still matter?

    The creative freedom the artist has over abstract painting is more when compared to other forms of painting. The meaning of the abstract painting is personal, subtle, varies from artists, and most importantly, it is not bounded by most structural societal boundaries.

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