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Join IndianArtZone and start selling your Art like never before

IndianArtZone in is an online ecommerce marketplace platform for promoting 100% Original, Hand-painted quality art created by artists worldwide. With a simple registration process, we do not control your art pricing and you have the freedom to express the price fairly and competitively. At IndianArtZone, we have a dedicated 20-member team who aggressively market online by various channels. Any Artist can use the IT platform created by IndianArtZone to Sell their work of Art online, which is free. IndianArtZone only charge a minimum commission over & above the price you quote on the art being sold through us. We will soon allow resellers, art collectors, dealers & art galleries to list their collection onto our platform.

How to sell your art on IndianArtZone?

If you want to sell your art through us, please follow the below mentioned below:

  1. Create Artist Profile

    Register with IndianArtZone by filling a basic form

  2. Upload your Artwork

    Once your account is created, you may upload as many art works of yours and you have the freedom to fix the price you deserve. Our admin team will approve the art works based on our company policy. You may visit your eshop at any point in time to view your paintings and we would proceed to market your art works across the globe.

  3. Get Orders

    Once you receive an order, all you need is to pack and courier to IndianArtZone office. After quality checking and packing, we will prepare for delivery.

  4. Delivery process

    We have leading courier partners and they would deliver to the customer.

  5. Receive Payments

    Upon receiving a delivery confirmation, you will receive your payment within 15 days in your registered bank account

    We request to create and fill the complete Artist profile information and upload a minimum of 5 artworks to get identified as IAZ endorsed Artist.

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