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IndianArtZone - Every Canvas Painting is a Journey of it’s Own

A one-stop online art gallery in India to explore all wall art painting is a Reliable Online Art Gallery in India for buying affordable high-quality hand-painted canvas artwork. Our unique quality check painting collection from renowned artists across the Globe makes us reliable in the market. Our categories include Modern Art Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Nature Paintings, Scenery Paintings, Landscape Paintings, Women Paintings, Flower Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Traditional Art, Rajasthani Paintings, Corporate Paintings, and more. As well, We enable commissioned art works and deliver worldwide.

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Choose your Wall Art Painting from the wide collection of Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, Oil Paintings on Canvas, Watercolor Paintings

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Customers Speaks

Selecting the right wall art Painting for your home or office 

  • A plain wall will look bored after some time. Colors, shades on the wall have a profound connotation with the human brain and mind. Warm colors produce feelings of warmth, while cool colors can be calming. Any piece of WallArt plays a pivotal role and is the central aspect of any room interior decor. WallArt sets the room's ambiance and needs to blend well with the color. It defines the persona of the person. If you want to change the style of the room without affecting the room, one can easily change it by hanging the best wall art. 
  • Choosing the right wall art is always time taking. You have to select the right wall art painting, which blends well with the room's color theme and, at the same time, elevates the room's aesthetics. At IndianArtZone, an Art online platform, we make your life easier by curating every piece of Art meticulously. We constantly evolve in bringing the latest Art styles, Modern, Contemporary painting, Fine artworks that fit and resonate with the current trends. As well, we provide Customized Art Works(Commission Art), and you are free to choose the concept, color theme, and dimensions of any Art style, any size that can best fit your walls, and we'll get the desired outcome.
Our Canvas Paintings Online Collection will spellbind you      


  • We have a wide range of canvas paintings that will mesmerize you and your kith and kins. Please read below to infer a few of our best categories of original handmade paintings, styles, etc., which can ease your selection process/buying suitable paintings from our Online Art gallery.
  • Arts influence the interior decor of the space, enhance the overall beauty and pleasant vibes. There are many ways that you can improve the vibe and beauty of your rooms. Suppose you’re not a big fan of the coated walls, no worries! Wall art painting is the most fantastic way to enhance the aesthetic of your house and each room to a greater extent. Hanging a canvas painting is also a great way of magnifying the ambiance of the room. It will be a great complement to the wall that needs something to cheer up.
  • Art seems to be precise what offices need in the work environment to improve their employee’s productivity. Bringing canvas art to office space helps stimulate out-of-the-box conversations, births forth new creativity and critical thinking. Unique pieces of large wall art in your office space resonate with the culture of the organization. If you want to modify the working area without significant renovations, choosing the right abstract art is prudent and better.
  • Art & life in India has been inextricably intertwined, from ancient to contemporary art. Indian paintings are indistinguishable from Indian culture and legacy. India has a vast heritage and is considered a social center in the world. Art and aesthetics have an almost symbiotic relationship. Indian art painting has a wide variety of art forms. Modern Indian paintings are incredibly innovative, and they can describe various circumstances while blending the artist's imagination.
  • Painting is a powerful tool to convey deep emotions, thought processes, and concepts. Artwork may take up different values counting on the perceptions and timelines, which makes it exceptionally beautiful. Like a pen to the writer, a canvas is a tool of an artist, and when emotions are given colors - beautiful and extraordinary Canvas Painting artwork is birthed. When placed rightly on a wall, any piece of Canvas painting can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room view and bring fresh vibrance, positivity to the setting.
  • Acrylic paints have held a particular appeal for artists choosing to work with bold, bright colors. Experienced artists also use acrylic for a wide range of projects, and they mix it with several other mediums for bringing in different effects. Acrylic Canvas Paintings created using this technique are extremely attractive and are in high demand in the art market. Explore handmade acrylic abstract painting, Portrait Painting, landscape paintings, etc., for home & office decor at IndianArtZone.
  • Many art admirers prefer to buy oil paintings on canvas to adorn their homes or offices. Oil painting is an incredible medium and is the most popular choice for many artists. There is no argument on the richness and vibrancy of textures and colors that Oil paintings can bring in. Another significance of Oil Painting is that it lasts longer without any iota of fading, sometimes close to a tune of 100 years. If you check our online gallery, you will find a wide variety of oil paintings available online.
  • Watercolor paintings are noticeably detailed to represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings using water-soluble pigments. Watercolor art is a powerful way to express an artist's ideas and creativity. Artists must skillfully use watercolor to represent the artistic vision mostly on high-quality Art paper. Watercolor painting is gaining a lot more traction and is well recognized these days. Therefore we encourage you to shop beautiful Watercolor paintings created by top Indian artists available online.
  • The living room is where we walk in, spend most of our relaxing times, and engage guests too. As such, the living room area should be welcoming, comfortable, and full of warmth. Elegant wall paintings can transform the ambiance of the freshly painted walls of the living room. Choosing the perfect wall art painting for your living room interior design to complement the style, theme, and color, thereby enhancing the living room's aesthetic application.
  • The aesthetic of the Wall paintings creates serenity and positive vibes in the room, which sets the mood of the room. If traditional or contemporary is your style, then you can pick from a variety of modern or abstract wall paintings for your bedroom. Explore our best in unique bedroom paintings selection or custom handmade paintings from our online shop.
  • Suppose you're an interior designer or an individual seeking paintings for interiors in bulk or customized paintings. You are on the lookout for artwork that fits your wall dimensions, any preferred style, and color grading. Our works are often custom-tailored to satisfy customer's specifications and requirements, overseen by our Art advisory. We work on any budget to accommodate your desired painting of any complexity and bring out the best possible outcome. Share your interests, preferences, requirements with us, and we'll help you effortlessly decide your favorite art.

FAQ’s - Online Art Gallery


10 Best Tips for buying art online

  • 1. Do primitive research and infer more details about the Artwork.
  • 2. Visualize which wall this piece of Art is going to be placed on and check whether it blends with the color tone of the room and interiors.
  • 3. Be Open minded to view any artwork. Probe whether the painting is of the latest style, genre.
  • 4. Get to know what you are buying, always trust your instincts and buy what you love.
  • 5. Pay attention to size and orientation - portrait, square or landscape piece?
  • 6. Speak with the Art gallery personal to infer more on the painting and check on the communication and responses level.
  • 7. Ask pertinent questions about the durability of the Art, its permanence, authenticity and originality.
  • 8. Probe the reputation of the gallery you are buying in and the Commitment level of a guaranteed sale.
  • 9. If feasible, negotiate on the price. After all, who doesn't want to get at a lower price?
  • 10. Check whether you are paying through a secure payment gateway channel.

Why is IndianArtZone known as an 'affordable online art gallery' in India?

At IndianArtZone, we are Art lovers and want to share it with you to do everything we can and beyond to make sure that you find your right piece of ART. We want you to find something that will make you feel happy, nostalgic, make you think, inspire you or will make your room/office look fabulous. We curate original pieces of Artworks from imminent, emerging gifted artists and technologically blend the art and art lover gap through our online Art gallery. We make every effort to sell at an affordable price compared to traditional offline art galleries as our gallery is 100% online and no brick and mortar business. We maintain a regulated process to make sure art is affordable and for the buyer to buy any art online at his/her convenience. We ship globally to any part of the world. After all, every wall deserves an Art!!

Can someone help in choosing the right painting for my room space?

Sure, why not? Our friendly customer support team will help you choose the right painting that fits your wall with your preferred interests and color hue. We also have an Art advisory team specializing in Commissioning Art by which an artist creates a work of art on a client's requirements to suit his interests, how complex it may be, to fit any size dimensions and color scheme.

Why are canvas paintings more attractive than any other surface?

Sure, why not? Our friendly customer support team will help you choose the right painting that fits your wall with your preferred interests and color hue. We Canvas is a traditional support for painting, used for centuries by expert artists, and it has endured in modern times as the popular choice for Artists. There are four prime reasons why artists love to paint on canvas.

  • i) It's pleasing receptivity to the brush.
  • ii) It's longevity and durability. Canvas is sturdy and lasts for generations without the quality diminishing or fading.
  • iii) Canvas paintings are more attractive because they give you a realistic view.
  • iv) Canvas is the best option if you want to create a large wall art painting.