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Wall Painting is just the outburst of emotions and ideas from the artist’s perspective and created with some aesthetic qualities in a 2d visual language. Using elements of the language such as shapes, lines, colors, tones, and textures to produce the essence of space, movement, and light. In a gist, Painting combines these elements into expressing patterns to represent natural or supernatural scenes, portray a narrative genre, and thus outcomes a visual treat.

  1. Glorious
    15*22 inches
  2. Bliss
    15*22 inches
  3. Blessed State
    Blessed State
    42*36 inches
  4. Blue Tram in city of Joy
    Blue Tram in city of Joy
    20*16 inches
  5. Jubliant blue city
    Jubliant blue city
    27*25 inches
  6. Colorful City of Joy
    Colorful City of Joy
    23*21 inches
  7. Trendy girl in city lane
    Trendy girl in city lane
    20*30 inches
  8. Elegant ballerina Dance Painting
  9. Serene Beach girl
    Serene Beach girl
    20*20 inches
  10. Floral beauty - Abstract Artwork
  11. Money plant
    Money plant
    34*22 inches
  12. Where are you Adam?
    Where are you Adam?
    43*31 inches
  13. Flower Girl
    Flower Girl
    18 * 24 inches
  14. Girl plucking flowers in Garden
    Girl plucking flowers in Garden
    18 * 24 inches
  15. classical dance
    classical dance
    18 * 24 inches
  16. Girl near Lotus Pond
    Girl near Lotus Pond
    18 * 24 inches
  17. Girl in Beach
    Girl in Beach
    18 * 24 inches
  18. Tree of Life
    Tree of Life
    30*20 inches
  19. The Road less Travelled
    The Road less Travelled
    30*20 inches
  20. Reflection of Life
    Reflection of Life
    20*30 inches
  21. Bird Abstract Art
    Bird Abstract Art
    24*24 inches
  22. Deer
    30*24 inches
  23. Zebra
    30*30 inches
  24. Bharatanatyam
    20*30 inches
  25. Magnificent Landscape Painting
  26. Panteth for the water brooks
    Panteth for the water brooks
    20*30 inches
  27. New Life Scenery painting
    New Life Scenery painting
    20*20 inches
  28. Eccentric Performance
    Eccentric Performance
    20*30 inches
  29. Liberated Horses
    Liberated Horses
    44*28 inches
  30. Beautiful Floral Painting
    Beautiful Floral Painting
    20*20 inches
  31. Enriched flowers Painting
    Enriched flowers Painting
    28*18 inches
  32. Boat on Seashore
    Boat on Seashore
    24*18 inches
  33. Desire to cruise
    Desire to cruise
    20*20 inches
  34. Copy Cat
    Copy Cat
    20*30 inches
  35. Beautiful Bird Painting
    Beautiful Bird Painting
    30*20 inches
  36. Rhymic bird
    Rhymic bird
    28*16 inches
  37. A fiery Horse
    A fiery Horse
    30*30 inches
  38. Soothing Groove
    Soothing Groove
    24*24 inches
  39. contemporary Nature painting
    contemporary Nature painting
    18 * 24 inches
  40. Life in Light
    Life in Light
    18*28 inches
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Wall Art Painting to Enliven Interior Design

  • Adding a focal point to your soulless wall is easy. All you have to do is place a wall painting for living room, and you are good to go. Any room Space is no fun and will be dull in due course. Thus, a rightly placed painting can help create the ambiance required for the room. If the interiors and the artwork match the color palette, the room's aesthetics will look much more enjoyable. So, transforming the place from boring to beautiful requires just a piece of canvas wall painting. Choosing the wall art painting that can capture one's attention and help increase the aesthetic appeal of the Living room is the best you can do for yourself.
  • Incredible Indian Paintings

    • The Paintings of India are some of the most diverse clusters of artworks in cultures all across the world. The traditional Indian paintings portray and represent the unique folk heritage through their diversity of colors and styles. On the other hand, contemporary Indian paintings can be unprecedented and eccentric, as they boldly experiment with various techniques and impart their message. At IndianArtZone, you will come across original canvas paintings of Indian art. Choose the piece which most suits your design and taste from our plentitude of Indian art online!
  • Astonishing Abstract Painting

    • The primary specialty of abstract art is that each time you look into it, you perceive things differently, and it stirs up the right brain for better creativity. Thus, you get a lot of concepts and perceptions from a single artwork. An office is a place where some important works are done if you keep some profound yet straightforward wall art paintings that perfectly suit the area's vibe. Oversized abstract art can give a professional touch to your office interiors. Find the right spots in your office and fill them with our gorgeous office paintings available online.
  • Dazzling Modern Painting

    • Modern Painting is available in a variety of exciting fashion and trends. Incorporating these bright artworks into the decor of your home enlivens the atmosphere. The artist plays with various themes utilizing comic strips, famous faces, and a twist of irony and comes up with appealing Modern paintings that can easily enhance aesthetics, thereby transforming your space.
  • Splendid Portrait Painting

    • Decorating the interiors is a way to please yourself. An oversized portrait oil painting can look attractive and, at the same time, conveys a lot more. If you find comfort or your brain finds peace within a particular room with Art, then it is the best place to be. Wall Art plays an essential role in developing and molding the whole theme of a room. Explore the wide variety of Indian Figurative paintings available Online.
  • Lovely Landscape Painting

    • Landscape canvas paintings are not necessarily limited to depictions of land. For example, they can also include images of seascapes, cloudscapes, skyscapes, riverscapes, or cityscapes in modern abstract art form. In the Modern realm of landscape painting, artists often dabble in styles inspired by contemporary art movements. Detailed abstract nature paintings are created in an Abstract art manner, in which the imagery thought process is imbued with a more profound inner feeling to create intensely Lovely paintings. IndianArtZone online shop holds a wide variety of landscape paintings.
  • Serenity in Scenery Painting

    • The main unifying element of any landscape artwork is that they all center around some scenery. Art can mimic nature by seeking to replicate objects as they appear in real-life visually. Nature art can also take many visual forms, from photo realism to abstraction. Scenery paintings in abstract art form take artist visual cue from primary forms in nature to contemporary art view. Hanging a scenery painting in abstract form enhances your modern space in a trendy look.
  • Fantastic Flower Painting

    • To celebrate the natural beauty of the flowers, you can hang a flower wall Painting. The visual pleasure of a space full of beautiful floral art makes life more engaging and enriching. The floral art with contrasting colors brings joy to many people. No wonder that's the apparent reason why flowers are seen as loving gifts for the special one.
  • Stunning Still-Life Painting

    • Still-life paintings depict inanimate objects, usually commonplace or required for our everyday use. The subjects can be artificial or natural and showcase the silent gravity of your room. Install a sophisticated still-life canvas painting in your space from our collection at IndianArtZone. Does the canvas wall art of a cello with its music papers lying scattered around fit the vintage aesthetics of your dining room? You may also get the painting of a delicate bowl of fruits or a vase of flowers for your kitchen wall! You are sure to find your preference from IndianArtZone!
  • Animal Painting - Bird Painting

    • Selecting Animal Painting and Bird Painting is one of the bold attempts by an art admirer. Animals and birds convey intrinsic meanings, such as Horse is known for their speed and agility. Lion's majesty and Elephants are revered as a symbol of good luck, strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality. Fishes are admired as a symbol of good luck. Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers and Swans for their graceful and peaceful nature. The exclusive collection of Peacock painting, Swan paintings, Birds on Tree Wall Painting, Horse painting, elephant painting or Lion painting paves another way for home decor. Many experienced artists blend animal painting with some exciting backgrounds or novel themes, subtly conveying a strong message. Similarly, bird paintings and beautifying experiences can be alluring to the onlooker and give a pristine look with a thematic view of the wall.
  • 7 horse painting

    • Seven is the number of completion. The seven-horse painting represents the seven rainbow colors, symbolic of all the good facets of life. Hanging a painting of seven galloping horses in your house brings in good luck, prosperity, and auspiciousness. Running horses symbolize agility, force, power, progress, positivity and forward-thinking to move ahead.
  • Painting - FAQs


    How to choose a unique wall art painting?

    While buying a painting for home, you would always want it to be something novel and personalized. A unique best wall painting will always birth out-of-the-box thinking with outstanding ideas and creativity.

    A Good painting for home constantly explores new topics, personal emotions, scenery and methodologies like colors & textures. Thus if something of the above catches your eye, then that’s the piece of your choice and think no further to buy it. Just think about the special reason that attracted and inspired you. After all, the first look is the best.

    Which is the best wall painting for Office?

    Creative art paintings, directly and indirectly, influence the workplace atmosphere. We want to recommend choosing artworks that reduce stress and create an uplifting and inspiring environment. A large conceptual contemporary painting would be great for your office interiors. The speciality of abstract painting is that each time you look into it, you perceive things differently. Thus, you get a lot of conceptual ideas and perceptions from a single artwork. An office is where some serious and critical works are done, so why not keep some profound yet straightforward paintings that perfectly suit the working environment's vibe.

    Cafeterias and chill-out areas have become an absolute necessity in any corporate office for relaxation. These are spots to visit when workers need a break or when they need to discuss with other working groups. That is why common spaces need to look dynamic and vibrant, which is why numerous organizations pick realistic, cheerful, fun, and innovative artworks. Geometric and other conceptual artworks are more suitable for shared spaces in an office environment.

    Which is the best wall painting for a Living room?

    The most relaxing and intimidating room to decorate with art is the living room, where we spend our valuable time with family or entertain our guests. Ensure the ambience of the living room looks welcoming, relaxing and full of warmth. Art undoubtedly attracts attention and serenity in each room. Choosing the right piece is elemental in provoking conversation and setting the positive vibe of the space.

    Modern Art undoubtedly attracts attention. Place a sizable Modern painting or Contemporary painting for the living room and watch its charm unfold. The living room with a piece of large wall art looks a lot more appealing. A selection of trendy Abstract art occupying the wall behind the front room sofa adds luxury to an indoor design. You may also choose to incorporate a piece of wall art portraying Landscape art. You can take any home décor style, be it minimalist, Scandinavian, Vintage rustic, or Boho-chic, to a subsequent level by adding a bit of abstractionism.

    If it's a large empty wall, you can create an art gallery within the living room portraying various modern art, contemporary art, abstract wall art, pop art, or conceptual art. All you need to consider is the size of the wall and the room's layout while choosing the best wall painting for the living room.

    Which is the best wall painting for Bedroom?

    The bedroom is the place for relaxation, and the right painting will set the room's tone. The best wall painting for the bedroom should be directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Large wall art is best and should be hung at eye level. Look for scenery painting, modern Indian painting or portrait painting, or love painting with soothing colors or tones. Keep the frames minimal with the excellent canvas artwork. Here, we want to focus on the painting itself and not so much on its outline.

    Which is the suitable wall painting for the Dining Room?

    Dining room walls are the one such space in your home that gives us creative license to do something unexpected. Even the small dining rooms can handle patterned wallpaper and dark wall colors. If you would like to keep your dining room looking unique, texture and pattern is the secret to keep it interesting. Metallic or blue with silver collar color contemporary painting bring light into the room and highlight your lighting fixtures.

    Dining room built-ins allow you to add pretty accent colors without painting any walls. Sprinkle your accent color around the room with table linens and artwork for a professionally designed style. An oversized wall painting on one side of the wall can make your dining room look as if it goes on forever. A soothing beach painting or scenery painting gives the family a relaxing view to enjoy with dinner.

    Usually, people love to see dining rooms with that “wow factor.” It’s easier than you think to create a stunning contemporary dining room in your home with modern arts. One of the easiest ways to make a statement on your dining room walls is wall painting with Geometric paintings. Silver, metallic, black, grey and white patterns give you a clear palette for adding a vibrant accent color. A simple color palette allows your wall painting to shine and your accent color to play a supporting role.

    Which painting is good for Kitchen?

    The kitchen is mentioned as the 'heart of the home' and, in many ways, and the most used room. There's no doubt, and a thematic apt artwork will elevate the kitchen setting. Countertops or spaces above cabinets are perfect places for art and smaller pieces that complement, not overwhelm the space. Go ahead with funny or social, or pop art paintings that make us smile and stay positive.

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