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Folk Art Paintings

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  1. Bharatanatyam 3
    Bharatanatyam 3
    60*76 inches
    78*62 inches
  3. The dancer
    The dancer
    18 * 24 inches
  4. Indian Folk Dance 8
    Indian Folk Dance 8
    36*24 inches
  5. Bharatanatyam
    20*30 inches
  6. kathakali
    23*19 inches
  7. Poikal Kuthirai Attam
    Poikal Kuthirai Attam
    21*27 inches
  8. Natyatharagaigal
    15*19 inches
  9. bharatham
    22*32 inches
  10. Learn From Nature
    Learn From Nature
    30*30 inches
  11. Beautiful Indian Woman 3
    Beautiful Indian Woman 3
    36*24 inches
  12. Indian Folk Dance 4
    Indian Folk Dance 4
    22*15 inches
  13. classical dance
    classical dance
    18 * 24 inches
  14. Bharatanatyam 32
    Bharatanatyam 32
    20*20 inches
  15. dancer 2
    dancer 2
    30*42 inches
  16. folk dancer couple
    folk dancer couple
    36*36 inches
  17. Poikal Kuthirai Attam 02
    Poikal Kuthirai Attam 02
    23*27 inches
  18. dancer 1
    dancer 1
    42*30 inches
    24*24 inches
  20. Indian Folk Dance 5
    Indian Folk Dance 5
    24*36 inches
  21. folk dacer 1
    folk dacer 1
    36*42 inches
  22. kathakali couple
    kathakali couple
    56*51 inches
  23. Indian Folk Dance 6
    Indian Folk Dance 6
    36*24 inches
  24. Royal Folk Dancers
    Royal Folk Dancers
    24*16 inches
  25. kathakali female dancer
    kathakali female dancer
    20*24 inches
  26. kathakali male dancer
    kathakali male dancer
    25*31 inches
    42*30 inches
  28. Tribute To Tradition 4
    Tribute To Tradition 4
    24*36 inches
  29. Tribute To Tradition 3
    Tribute To Tradition 3
    18*23 inches
  30. Tribute To Tradition 2
    Tribute To Tradition 2
    24*18 inches
  31. Tribute To Tradition
    Tribute To Tradition
    24*18 inches
  32. Dance to the rhythm of life
    Dance to the rhythm of life
    24*22 inches
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  • Brief about Indian Folk Art painting

    • India has always been known as the land of cultural and traditional vibes through its traditional arts and crafts. States and Union Territories spread across the country have their own distinct cultural and traditional identities, and they are on display through the various forms of art that exist here.
    • Each region of India has its own style and art form, which is called folk art. Apart from folk art, there is another form of traditional art practiced by many tribal or rural people, which is classified as tribal art or Indian Village painting. India’s folk and tribal arts are very simple and ethnic, but colorful and vibrant to talk about the country’s rich heritage. Some of the Indian folk art paintings are Rajput painting, Warli painting, Madhubani painting, Mughal painting, Tanjore painting, Miniature painting, Mural painting, Gond painting, Rajashthani Painting.
    • Its essence and message are priceless. Art has a traditional soul, it has emotions and uses the same emotions to echo pride, feelings, tradition, quality, and value.
    • Indian Classical is rich in culture and works are one of the many ways to enhance the history behind the great nation. Indian arts are unique and creative handicrafts that attract the rich culture and rich traditions of India.



    What are madhubani paintings?

    Madhubani is one of the most astonishing genre of Indian folk art paintings. The origin of Madhubani paintings is in the Mithila region. Madhubani paintings is just common when British Colony started on a journey to validate the damage caused by the Bihar earthquake. The beauty of Madhubani lies on its evocative and cool showcase of traditions and culture in India.

    Madhubani paintings online have supercool symbolic images, geometrical patterns, and sceneries from Indian mythology. It will shoot up the aesthetic beauty of any personal space of your house – be it the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

    What is phad painting of rajasthan?

    Phad is a unique type of Indian folk art painting that narrates a story. It is a scroll Indian wall painting from Rajasthan. Artists paint the ideas of superheroes and local devotees on cool lengthy cloth scrolls in different colors. Normally, they use orange, yellow, and red colors. In phad, artists narrates adventure stories, sorrows of battlefields, romantic painting tales, and various other enriching stories of Indian princely states. The phad painting style is a pure artistic piece that you can hang in your personal living space. It is the most beautiful form of Indian folk art that will enhance the beauty of your rooms.

    What is miniature wall art of Mughals?

    Miniature painting style started in India in the late 16th century. Experts shooted the miniature painting of the Mughals area as one of the most salient milestones in the Indian history of art and painting. It evolved into a unique style that combined Persian, Islamic, and Indian elements. The painting uses natural stone colors as a prime medium on a distinct paper-based canvas. Artists used miniature painting on the wasli. They played with cool mineral colors, conch shells, silver, gold as well as precious stones. It is so famous that there evolved different schools of miniature paintings in India in the local regions such as Deccan, Malwa, Pahadi, Mughal, Kangra, etc.

    What is warli art painting?

    Warli Paintings are so ancient (2500-year old) and the traditional folk art paintings of India. Maharashtra is the prime location in which Warli paintings evolved. There is a close connection between social rituals of our lifestyle/tribe and this becomes the very subject of nature in the Warli paintings. The Warli paintings conveyed the daily routines of the local community and their daily happenings such as praying, hunting, dancing, farming, etc.

    What are mural paintings?

    Mural is one of the traditional art forms of Kerala folk art with the unique skill and creative excellence. The Kerala Mural has its source in Kalamezhuthu, the art tradition of drawing on the floor, using super cool colours.

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