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Modern Art, Contemporary Art

Modern art was the predecessor of contemporary art. Modern art came into existence around the 1860s and continued up to the 1960s. In contrast, contemporary art or post-modern art came into existence in the 1960s and 70s.  They have a flavour of modernism mixed with the traditional style and concepts that define the ‘present-day taste and style. Contemporary art painting is easy to interpret, and also, apart from colors and shapes, drawings are made in close relation to the real world.

  1. Exquisite Floral Art 12
    Exquisite Floral Art 12
    20*30 inches
  2. Abstract A7
    Abstract A7
    18*18 inches
  3. Abstract A3
    Abstract A3
    15*15 inches
  4. Neomodernism
    32*38 inches
  5. Composition 55
    Composition 55
    20*20 inches
    36*36 inches
  7. Chasing the Time 3
    Chasing the Time 3
    36*60 inches
  8. scribble girl 3
    scribble girl 3
    30*42 inches
  9. Twisted Abstract 14
    Twisted Abstract 14
    24*24 inches
  10. Twisted Abstract 12
    Twisted Abstract 12
    30*30 inches
  11. Bursting freshness
    Bursting freshness
    24*24 inches
  12. abstract lavendar forest09
    abstract lavendar forest09
    24*18 inches
  13. Trendy Cityscape 002
    Trendy Cityscape 002
    18*18 inches
  14. Stick Figure 3
    Stick Figure 3
    20*30 inches
    15*22 inches
  16. The morning glory-6
    The morning glory-6
    18*18 inches
  17. Abstract Mystery 04
    Abstract Mystery 04
    12*12 inches
  18. Abstract Mystery 02
    Abstract Mystery 02
    12*12 inches
  19. Abstract Mystery 01
    Abstract Mystery 01
    12*12 inches
  20. Energy
    22*16 inches
  21. Spark Brillance
    Spark Brillance
    12*12 inches
  22. Foggy Hill
    Foggy Hill
    12*12 inches
  23. Dancing colors 3
    Dancing colors 3
    18*18 inches
  24. Birth, Conflict and Success 1
    Birth, Conflict and Success 1
    60*46 inches
  25. Knock of My Time 2
    Knock of My Time 2
    36*36 inches
  26. Spirit Interview
    Spirit Interview
    25*25 inches
  27. Dancing Beauty1
    Dancing Beauty1
    24*36 inches
  28. A fiery Horse
    A fiery Horse
    30*30 inches
  29. contemporary Nature painting
    contemporary Nature painting
    18 * 24 inches
  30. Force
    43*43 inches
  31. affair 12
    affair 12
    36*36 inches
  32. Abstract gold black and bronze splash
  33. Abstract A8
    Abstract A8
    10*10 inches
  34. Composition 59
    Composition 59
    15*22 inches
  35. Composition 56
    Composition 56
    15*22 inches
  36. Composition 52
    Composition 52
    20*20 inches
  37. Composition 51
    Composition 51
    20*20 inches
  38. Rm Abstract 1
    Rm Abstract 1
    24*12 inches
  39. knight 2
    knight 2
    43*37 inches
  40. Chasing The Time
    Chasing The Time
    33*33 inches
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  • History of Modern Art and Contemporary Art

    • Modern art is famous for its simplistic expressions. Pablo Picasso and George Braque are the two popular artists of the Modern art Era. Modern and Contemporary are synonyms in the design terms. But in artwork, modern art and contemporary painting reference two different design styles of abstract paintings. Although these two beautifying styles have some similar patterns, there are also some differences. Modern art refers to artistic works produced from 1860 to 1960, while Contemporary art paintings follow modern art paintings from 1960 onwards.
    • Under the vast umbrella of Contemporary Paintings comes artworks produced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It isn't easy to describe with defined terms except as the Art of Today. Contemporary art painting is radical, reformative and revolutionary. Here, objects act as symbols, and abstract gestures represent universal philosophy. The contemporary painting style is changing as time is passing. For each decade passing, the decor trends are considered to keep evolving. This style does not have the characteristics to maintain a specific style for a particular period in the same way as modern art techniques. Contemporary painting is a genre of art that reflects postmodernist concepts in every artwork.
    • A noticeable distinction between modern art and contemporary art was a shift in focus away from aesthetic beauty to the underlying concept of the work. The appearance of a work of contemporary art painting became less important than how the artist arrived there. A process that now sometimes required participation on the part of the audience as well.
  • Know the Styles of Modern art Paintings

  • How to Appreciate Modern Art Thoughts

    • Are you unable to understand and appreciate the real meaning and depth in modern paintings? Modern Art is very relevant when it comes to conveying soul and personality. In the field of interior designing or wall painting for home decor, Modern Art brings creativity, a unique outlook, and bright colors, all in harmony with the setting of the room and its other embellishments. The artist plays with various themes utilizing comic strips, famous faces, and a twist of irony. From wall paintings, themed retro interiors, and watchful pieces of furniture, you can adequately use the versatile nature of modern paintings for the living room and elevate the room ambience.
  • Buy Modern Painting for Home or Office space

    • To make your home or office rooms welcoming and cheerful, choosing the appropriate Modern wall hanging paintings in accompaniment with your space's tone is imperative. Paints and brushstrokes play significant roles, especially considering the recent trends in modern abstract painting, where abstraction and symbolism are vital elements. Your home or office space holds the capacity to define you. Thus, it is crucial to choose the right art painting that fulfils the requirements of meaningful home decor or wall painting for office. The modern Art available on IndianArtZone will bring to your room an iconic atmosphere of wonder.
  • Modern art painting and Contemporary art Painting - FAQs


    What is modern art painting?

    Modern painting is the imaginative world's response to the conventional practices and perspectives of the new lives and ideas induced by the technological advancements of the modern age that caused contemporary society to exhibit itself in new ways compared to the ideas of the past. Artists worked towards expressing their newness of everyday life in creative ways.

    What is modern-day art?

    Modern art usually refers to the early 19th and the mid 20th artworks where the artists’ interest in reimagining, reinterpreting, and even declining the traditional aesthetic values of the then style.

    Differences between modern art and ancient art?

    Ancient art is the art produced during the archaic period between the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages by early civilizations like Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Babylon, India, Japan, Korea and more. The main emphasis of ancient art is on history, cultures, religion, the political climate and more. Predominantly it depicts real life. Modern abstract art was like questioning conventional/ancient ideas. The artists’ techniques of expression completely changed when it comes to modern art, inducing fresh ideas and perspectives of modern life and happenings by giving the artist the extra freedom of expression.

    Why is modern indian painting comparatively expensive?

    • The value of wall art is determined by the perceiver as it can worth millions for some and nothing at all for the other. The prime reasons for modern art being so expensive are
    • i) Value determined by the perceiver
    • ii) Demand for the artists’ perception of the art
    • iii) The credibility of the artist
    • iv) Cost of exhibitions and art galleries

    What is contemporary art?

    The conceptual form of art produced by the artists from the present generations is Contemporary art paintings. These kinds of artworks speak about the current society, socio problems and trending topics important to the world. It depicts a larger cultural perspective of identity, family, community, and nationality.