7 Artworks that will create a wow factor to your walls

 Every person has their own reasoning and significance for artwork. All the same every person has their own perception of beauty in art. No matter the case, when you select some of these pieces we describe below, people are going to be interested. Hang these up on your wall and people will have to stop and say wow at the sight of them. Whether you are a new to the art world or you have a collection of artwork, here is a list of types of artwork for sale that’ll leave an impression.

Abstract paintings

Abstract paintings are the first on our list due to their overall unique style. The artist has to use various shapes and colours to form into these pieces. These pieces challenge people to look beyond what they see and to use their imagination. Abstract art is the essence of art at its core if you think about it. You can view more pieces through our online art gallery.

Floral paintings

Floral paintings are another piece of work that looks amazing on walls. It’s similar to abstract paintings in the sense there are mixtures of colours. The difference though is that there is a pattern to them. You could say they are geometric paintings in how they are painted. Of course we have many of these paintings for sale online and there are many original arts for sale of this type too.

Tribal paintings

Tribal paintings is our third painting. From Indian folk art, to tribal art paintings, these paintings can use few colours or multiple. Regardless of the style that’s used, tribal paintings can fit in many places on walls due to their design. It’s easy to build room themes with the style to really make them shine. It’s why many of this type sell quickly.

Animal paintings

Animal paintings are other great pieces to consider too. If you’ve spent a lot of time looking at an online art gallery or two, you’ll find just as wide variety as the other types. This gives you a lot to work with if you plan to buy paintings online. In the end, you can’t go wrong with animal paintings as every person out there has some connection to animals. Either their favourite animal or perhaps a spirit animal.

Bird paintings

Bird paintings, while certainly animal paintings, are a little more refined but still work well on walls. With so many different species of birds, there is bound to be one that people find appealing. Not to mention can bring memories as well. You have common birds like blue jays and robins that can remind people of beautiful skies and more. We have many of these paintings for sale too.

Still life paintings

Still life paintings are another good type to consider as well. While they focus on still objects, people can still find beauty in them. From your basic bowl of fruit to something more elaborate, there is a lot of appeal to still life that still prompts you to imagine. We encourage you to look at some on our online art gallery.

Figurative paintings

The final type of painting is figurative paintings. While many people prefer paintings of themselves, some people may find the appeal in having other figures. From people they respect and look up to, there are some reasons people consider these. They are still quite impressive and add a lot to a wall as well as artists are free to be creative with backgrounds and subjects are free to pose however they like.

Many works come and go, but no matter the case, people find the work appealing. No matter what your knowledge is of art, these types of paintings are surely going to leave an impression.